• Operating with transparency

    The current industry standards aren’t good enough — the labels are misleading and some operators are making dubious claims. At HATH, we source all of our hemp from licensed, trusted partners here in the US, and only work with manufacturers that meet the cGMP (current good manufacturing process) standards. This isn’t required today, but we’re making it essential to all of our sourcing. If our products don’t meet the standards we’ve set for ourselves, we simply won’t sell them.

  • Rigorous testing with results you can track

    All HATH products are independently tested at a 3rd-party lab, which means that unlike many other hemp and CBD brands, we go beyond relying on our manufacturer’s word. Similarly, we won’t ask you to rely on our word. Instead, we share the 3rd-party test results so that you can see the quality of HATH products for yourself. Simply scan the QR code on the back of your purchase.

  • Products that fit your lifestyle

    We pride ourselves on delivering CBD the way YOU want it. All HATH products are carefully crafted to give you the optimal benefits that CBD-rich hemp extracts have to offer, so you really can’t go wrong when deciding which to purchase. We warmly welcome all feedback on our products and invite you to share your thoughts so we can continue to improve and add to the Hath product suite.