Start Feeling Better

The new normal

We’re in the midst of a monumental shift in the way we think about health and wellness, connecting the dots on the effects our demanding days are having on our bodies and minds. In a society that values productivity and efficiency, we’re creating a lifestyle of burnout — and we’re all exhausted.

Can you relate? Yep — so can we.

But taking the time to slow down and listen to our minds and bodies is a luxury in today’s incredibly fast-paced world — we get that, and want to help!


To address all the pain and stress associated with just being human in today’s world, we’ve created easy-to-understand daily CBD solutions to help you out. We believe a daily regime of CBD can help you gain balance, sleep and focus, so you can feel better and stay healthy. No gummies or gimmicks — this is the real deal.

Also, feeling better shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we’ve designed our products to seamlessly work together to fit your unique lifestyle. Need a daily low-dose regime? We’ve got that. Desperate to get back on a healthy sleep cycle? We’ve got that too. Going through a tough life event that is weighing on you both mentally and physically? We’ve got you covered (and sorry). Need it all, every day? So do we — welcome to the club!

We know there is a lot of confusion in the market, so we’ve taken extra steps to help you feel good about trusting HATH. All of our products come from CBD-rich hemp (why hemp? good question, click here), organically grown in the US with the highest manufacturing standards and rigid 3rd-party testing (for more on that click here)! We stand by our products, but we know you want transparency when it comes to your health, so we’ve put a QR code on all of our products so you can read the results right from your phone — one less thing to stress about!

We’re all in this together

Our core belief is that CBD can benefit everyone and everyone can feel better. We want to help you feel your best, and strive to help others with our continual effort to support both local and global communities that experience high stress and pain (p.s. it’s almost everyone). Follow us @hathcbd to learn more about how we’re helping each other out with events, donations and sponsorships, and let us know how HATH is helping you!

Let’s start feeling better, together!