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No gimmicks. Just relief.

We believe that anybody and everybody can start feeling better today with our easy-to-understand CBD solutions.

HATH has worked tirelessly on the forefront of innovation to create top-tier CBD products to get you back in the game, jumpstart muscle recovery, and maintain peak performance no matter how you move!


Startling Statistics

The CDC found that in 2017 there were almost 58 opioid prescriptions written for every 100 Americans. The opioid epidemic is not hidden in the black market.

These numbers are even more stunning in athletes, even at the high school level. There is evidence that students that participated in high-injury contact sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse were 50% more likely to abuse opioids.

It even got so bad that 1,800 former players sued the NFL for their blatant disregard of player safety and failure to follow federal guidelines on handling narcotics and painkillers.

Something has to change.


A Natural Alternative

We took a look at those numbers and saw a need.

A need for an organic alternative to pain relief so that athletes can strive to compete at their peak levels without detrimental health effects weighing them down.

We believe that a daily regimen of CBD can offset the day-to-day rigors of life whether you’re training for a marathon or just jogging around the neighborhood.

Don’t let pain and inflammation hamper your training sessions any longer. CBD will give you the extra push you need to take your game to the next level and maintain the peak performance we know you can achieve.


Products You Can Trust

Empirical research is still in its infancy and we know that CBD can be confusing, that is why we aim to make it as simple as possible for anybody to learn.

HATH is operated under the core values that we provide easy-to-understand, functional products and we are 100% transparent with our customers at all times.

We understand the importance of trust, so we have taken extra steps to help you feel more confident in the purity and potency of our products:

  • Each product we make is derived from CBD-rich, organically grown hemp sourced from the USA.
  • We hold manufacturing to the highest standards
  • We provide rigid third-party lab testing for each individual item to test for potency as well as any contaminants / imperfections.

We stand by our products and want to prove to you they are the real deal, so we have placed a QR code on every product package so you can read the lab results straight from your phone!

Each product is designed to be simple, functional, and fit into an active lifestyle. You will not have to change anything.

They’re designed with versatility in mind. Use our CBD products on-the-go, at home, everyday, or just as needed. HATH will work with you, there’s no need to change anything about your routine!

We are working to raise the standard for CBD products altogether. Our team is constantly searching for ways to improve by researching advancements in development, extraction methods, bioavailability, and any changes in testing protocols to offer the most complete and effective products possible!


The People’s CBD

In the end, we’re just like you.

We’re golfers, gym rats, joggers, marathon runners, and everything in between!

It isn’t about any sort of gimmick, we just want everybody to feel their best and pay it forward to their neighbors and communities.

We would never make a product we don’t use ourselves, so here’s to feeling better, together!

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Still Confused?

Want to learn more about CBD and its potential uses? HATH can help there too!

HATH Helps is an online resource to bring everyday CBD discussion to a digital community. We aim to simplify the complexity of CBD and break it down to easy-to-understand pieces.

We also provide an avenue to share personal experiences with hemp CBD products to better understand the wide range of potential uses CBD has.

Above all, we will work to provide fact-based information supported by science to our community through the use of credible experts in their field!